Aleksei Kovalev

Aleksei Kovalev

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First Name * Aleksei
Last Name * Kovalev
Username * AKovalev
Country * Russia
City Saint-Petersburg
Nationality Russian
Languages EnglishRussian


Current Position Artist;Lighter;Modeller;Programmer;Renderer
Areas of Expertise Lighting DesignPost ProductionPre ProductionScientific R&DVisualisation
Preferred Tools 3d modeling (Maya3d MaxZBrush)texturing (Photoshop)visualisation (VrayMental Ray)MEL scriptingPython scripting.


Availability: Freelance


Aleksei Kovalev
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
7 (952) 24-73-244 • •

Computer graphics specialist with both technical knowledge and design skills.

Primary skills

• Autodesk Maya lighting and render setup (Mental Ray, Renderman, V-Ray)
• Making textures (based on photographs)
• Shading (Mental Ray, Renderman, V-Ray)
• Autodesk Maya modeling, UV mapping
• MEL and Python programming
• Basic skills of compositing (Nuke) and 2d drawing

Technical Proficiencies

• Languages and renders: MEL, Python, Mental Ray, Renderman, V-Ray
• Tools: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, NUKE, Unfold 3D, Linux

Non Technical Skills

• Ability to work in a dynamic and collaborative team environment
• Excellent detail-oriented, problem solving and time management skills
• Capacity to work without supervision
• Facility to learn quickly and apply new concepts, principles and solutions

Experience Details

MARO Studio (Jingliks project) (2012- Present time)
Senior Lighting/Rendering Artist/CG Generalist/Supervisor
• Lead of department of visualization. Renderman. Starting a new project from scratch. The solution of complex problems related to visualization. Writing scripts for production.

Studio Petersburg (“Smeshariki” project, (2011-2012)
Senior Lighting/Rendering Artist/CG Generalist/Supervisor
• Visualization. Renderman.

Glukoza Production (“Savva” project, (2011)
Senior Lighting/Rendering Artist/CG Generalist/Supervisor
• Moving to Moscow to improve my skills in visualization. Lighting and rendering (mental ray). Starting to learn programming on Python.

Studio Petersburg (“Smeshariki” project, (2008-2011)
Senior CG Generalist
• Starting to learn programming on MEL. Modeling. Writing first scripts for production.

diForma Studio (various commercials and animation projects) (2007-2008)
Senior CG Generalist
• My first steps in CG. Modeling, texturing, shading (mental ray and V-Ray), visualization.


• Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation
• St. Petersburg Technical College of Management and Commerce (2000-2005)


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